Text Blasting

Reach Your Audience
Text message blasting is Mozeo's core mobile marketing service. With bulk sms text blasting, you can easily reach all of your mobile contacts through Mozeo's online account center. By sending information that is of value to your customers, you can easily and effectively reach a large audience at a low cost.

Keywords Mobile Marketing 101

Convert Contacts to Customers
Text blasting is perfect for sending alerts, special discounts, promotion information, or just about anything else you can think of. By providing unique value to your customers on a text message marketing platform that is convenient for them, your company will reap the rewards of having a mobile marketing strategy. Mozeo's team is always on hand to assist you in developing meaningful and value-rich text blasts.

How Text Blasting Works

Easy-to-use Easy-to-Use

Create your sms blast message in the online account center, select your recipients, and schedule your delivery time. You can even schedule blasts well in advance of their delivery so you can plan ahead with your text marketing strategy.

Make Conversions Make Conversions

Text message blasting is often the final step in your strategy to convert your mobile followers into customers. Give your audience an incentive, and you can be sure to see the value in your sms marketing mobile strategy.

Build Loyalty Build Loyalty

Your mobile customers must opt in to receive your text blasts, and they always have the option to opt out. As a result, you know that you are reaching the audience that wants to hear from you.

Mobile Voting Provide Value

Giving your mobile followers a unique incentive provides great value to you and your customers. Successful text blasts often include sms marketing discounts and special offers not available to customers elsewhere. Check out Mozeo's Mobile Marketing 101 infographic to see how text blasting and bulk sms helps your mobile campaign come full circle.

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